Boston - Day 1: 2014-06-12: Bike to the Sea variant route

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There's an annual ride, Bike to the Sea, which tracks the progress of the Northern Strand Community Path, a partially-built rail trail which will eventually connect Everett to Revere, Lynn, and Nahant. Taking the excuse of dinner plans in East Boston, i made a variant of this route and explored Nahant, Deer Island, and the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation.

first windmill of the day, in Everett

beginning of the Northern Strand Community Path

informational poster about Bike to the Sea, with map

i have no idea what my initials mean when they are a Dig Safe sign

representative section of the community path --- lots of greenery, lots of miscellaneous industrial stuff and office parks alongside the path

looking east from the Western Ave bridge. the bridge off in the distance with the neat stone turrets is the Lynnway bridge, which i crossed later (but didn't take a picture, because the view west wasn't very interesting, and that bridge was a pain to ride on).

the Western Ave bridge itself has this nicely-paved sidewalk to ride on

an inlet visible from the Lynnway heading east

kitesurfers visible across the bridge on the way to Nahant

the road to Nahant, along this excellent recently-paved bridge

view west from the Nahant bridge. the buildings behind are clearly downtown, and i believe the ones in front are in Revere

surf between Nahant Island and Little Nahant Island

houses on Little Nahant Island, viewed from the south

rocky coastline on the southeastern edge of Nahant Island

in the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, where i got turned around finding my next route instruction

my bike, on the southeastern edge of Nahant Island. spoke reflectors are great. everyone should have spoke reflectors

part of a fantastic slate roof on Nahant (the rest of it looked like this too, only much bigger and behind a tree)

after a surprisingly nice ride down the Lynnway (yay tailwind! yay not too much traffic), i wound up at Revere Beach

looking south along Revere Beach. i think those are the buildings i could see from Nahant

looking east from Revere Beach. the thing that isn't a kitesurfer is Nahant again

harbor islands, seen from Winthrop Pkwy

i was intrigued by the facade on this synagogue in Shirley...

...then i stopped to look for a cornerstone and realised it's literally a facade --- the rest of the building is covered in vinyl siding

looking west en route to Deer Island

first view of the wind turbine at the end of Deer Island

looking east along the south edge of Deer Island

downtown, seen from Deer Island. it's very foggy, but i think that blueish building on the left edge is the aquarium

Deer Island is very close to the airport

interior of Deer Island. it is all green and stuff

MWRA controls the elements

panorama south of Deer Island: several harbor islands, downtown, and the airport

another downtown view, from the southeast corner of Deer Island this time

a boat, in front of what i think is Spectacle Island

harbor islands southeast of Deer

look i photographed a seagull. sort of

sandbar on the east side of Deer Island

good to know

Deer Island is very close to the airport

closeup of the wind turbine

for your convenience, a map of the harbor islands

when coming down Winthrop Pkwy, i kept seeing this marsh to the west, behind people's houses. Here i saw it from the south, while coming along Main St into Boston

geese are a menace. look at them... menacing things.

entering Boston across the Belle Isle inlet

north into the Belle Isle inlet

south across the Belle Isle inlet... it's the airport again

i ended the scenic part of the route by actually going into this Belle Isle Marsh i'd been circling around

still very close to the airport

Belle Isle Marsh from an observation tower

some sort of bird. probably a flying one

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