Quebec - Day 1: Boston to Quebec City (by airplane)

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Deer Island seen from the plane window

harbor islands, downtown Boston, and the airport

Nahant (MA)

Marblehead and Peabody (MA)

First view of the St. Lawrence Seaway, from the flight from Montreal to Quebec

getting ready to land in Quebec

After i arrived in Quebec City, i checked into my hotel, then headed off via bus to see Montmorency Falls. When i got back, i walked back downtown the long way, got an unexciting dinner, then wandered around watching the sunset.

boardwalk in Quebec City

this mammoth castle (actually a hotel) dominated the view of downtown Q.C.

the St. Lawrence from downtown Q.C.

rowhouses in Q.C.

hey, it's FDR. what's he doing here?

if you speak French, you can find out

archway in Q.C. — a decorative part of the city walls

more greenery and walls

Speaking of things French-speaking people might be able to explain to me... what is even going on in this informational sign? I spent awhile looking at it while waiting for a bus, and never got a clue.

seen from the bus window

a mural on a highway underpass. there were about five columns, all impressive, but this is the only one i managed to photograph

seen from the bus: the first of many metal roofs which caught my eye on this trip

looking at Montmorency Falls from upriver

people crossing the bridge over Montmorency Falls

a protected bike lane seems like a good sign

stairs down the hillside to look at the falls

suspension bridge across the St. Laurent, seen from over the falls

looking down at the falls from the bridge; check out the graffiti made of sticks

top of the falls, from the bridge

looking down at a rainbow in the falls

Ile d'Orleans, across the St. Laurent

tourist bridge over the falls, which i've now just crossed

view across the river through the park surrounding the falls

top of the falls, seen through trees

the falls, seen through trees

a park visitor prepares to bike up the observation staircase

with the right camera, you can see Quebec City from here; with this camera... well, i'm still pretty sure this is Quebec City

another view downriver: the suspension bridge actually goes, not to the south bank of the St. Laurent, but to the Ile d'Orleans. You can see the tip of the island, and the river splitting to go behind it, at the left edge of this picture

the falls

top of the falls

cliff wall is made of pointy rocks

some people having an adventure

the entire purpose of this outing was to see the falls. so you get a lot of pictures of the falls. it's life. cope

sticks collect at the bottom of the falls

view while climbing down the observation tower

i wonder what that blue sign says... guess they're off to find out

greenery near the falls


one last view of the falls and the cliff near them

pool at the bottom of the falls

guess i could have taken the cable car

the park near the falls

metal roof two: something is going on here

the river north of the falls

back in Q.C., a metal-roofed church

closeup of the church

Quebec City

old walls in Q.C.

church in Q.C.

more roofs

that too

docks in Q.C.

caution: road surface is at a 30-degree angle

edge of the upper city in Q.C.

last one for today, i promise

tourist cannon (tourists not included)

looking down towards the lower city and the river

across the river

across the river

from a pedestrian bridge to the street below

under the pedestrian bridge: some repairs needed

park in downtown Q.C.

the ridiculous castle-hotel lit up for the night

sunset upriver

sunset across the river

sunset upriver

viewing area down to an excavated part of the old city

dark across the river

sunset over the lower city

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