Quebec - Day 2: Quebec City to Montmagny (by car)

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I spent the morning wandering around Q.C. some more, going around the citadel and the Plains of Abraham (a big park along the St. Lawrence) before wandering back to the hotel to meet Dad. He arrived in time for a lunch of somewhat underwhelming crepes, and then we did a bit more sightseeing and shopping for supplies before meeting Adam, our self-guided-tour-guide for the week. Adam drove us and the bikes to Montmagny, where we got our bikes and maps, in time for a very nice dinner at our B&B.

Looking up along the St. Lawrence from Q.C. If you zoom in, you can see the posts of that suspension bridge near Montmorency Falls

row of buildings in Q.C., seen from the Citadel park

parking in the walls of the Citadel

Parking and entrance for the Citadel, where there's some sort of Changing of the Guard ceremony. Note all the tourist cannons on the upper wall

the Hotel du Parliament


a unit of wildlife

looking downriver through the park

downriver wide view

downtown Q.C. seen from the Plains of Abraham park

downriver closeup

on a ridge in the park

the city walls have been wired for RJ-4500

a boat in the St. Lawrence

from the Plains of Abraham, i took this path back to the boardwalk

Q.C. is a very vertical city

approaching the boardwalk (there's that castle/hotel)

closer view of the shipyard, lower city, and river

me, at lunch

Dad, now actually appearing on this trip

after lunch, we took the funicular down to the lower city (this is a funicular)

this claims to be an old building and has small-paned windows, so i took a picture of it

one more view from the north side of the river before we leave Q.C.

we met Adam at my hotel, and he drove us and the bikes across the river and up the southern shore in this comically huge van

driving along the river

dinner outdoors in Montmagny, after getting settled in and storing the bikes

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