Quebec - Day 5: Kamouraska to Notre-Dame-du-Portage (by bike)

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The last day of riding was possibly the nicest, starting with a pretty segment away from the river, including a short hike up to see a waterfall. The rest of the day was along 132, but it was quieter and prettier than the first day. After a false start, we doubled back to a campground for another short hike, with a view of the river this time. We then found our auberge, and finished the eating portion of the trip with a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Breakfast in the inn in Kamouraska was this excellent sampler plate, most notably the fish, the nut bread, and the little square cake, which was some sort of curried vegetable/egg dish

also cappuchino

The B&B owner in St-Jean-Port-Joli recommended that we stop in at the studio of Michel Le Roux, a painter in Kamouraska

this tall hill dominated the landscape for part of our morning ride

silos and hills


cliffs on the side of the road

Dad on the road ahead


the road behind

the road ahead

open valley

panorama near the intersection of Chemin du Pain-de-Sucre and 4 Rang O (partner of 4 Rang E)

hills to the south

possible explanation for the metal-roofed churches: you can see them from miles away

we stopped at this park to hike to the waterfall


water over the dam

view back down to the valley and the St. Lawrence, from the park

in the park

waterfall through the trees

waterfall through a lot of trees

waterfall closeup

staircase down to the waterfall

water that has fallen

trail markers

hills across the road

the road ahead

returning to the river again

over the top wall art in the bathroom of the coffee shop where we stopped for a drink

our bikes, parked outside the bicycle-themed coffee shop

grass blowing in the wind in front of the river

hill by the road

the road ahead

Dad, approaching

down the St. Lawrence from the campground where we stopped to hike

a town (or large farm) seen from the campground - we never figured out which one

trees looking uncertain

a parasailor

marshy shoreline at the campground

panorama of the St. Lawrence from above

islands in the St. Lawrence

view from above back to the unidentified town

farmland and hills, from above

more wildflowers

the river as we enter Notre Dame du Portage

a statue about a portage

downriver from our hotel window

across the river from our hotel window

sun in the river

sunset, seen from the restaurant

more Notre Dame du Portage sunset

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