Quebec - Day 4: Saint-Jean-Port-Joli to Kamouraska (by bike)

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This was the longest day of riding, and was rather varied. In the morning, we had to detour off 132 due to construction, and found the detour route to be a very pretty ride along the continuation of the road we'd used before to try to get to Lac Trois Saumons. Then we blustered through another set of detours on the road to La Pocatiere. Unfortunately, in all that excitement, we failed to pick up the recommended picnic supplies in La Pocatiere, so wound up eating lunch at a convenience store, and hanging out in the recommended picnic spot with no food. In Kamouraska, we opted for another outdoor meal, this time at Pizza Mag, a pizza place with a fascinating varied menu of toppings.

Dad, approaching, as we ride away from the river

Dad, approaching

flowers at the side of the road

looking back at our climb away from the river

looking southwest along 20

the detour ends, and we go back towards the river along Route de l'Eglise, heading towards another metal-roofed eglise (in Ste. Louise)

panorama from the bridge across 20

the road ahead

working our way around the detour into La Pocatiere, we found this little arboretum

flowers and a gazebo in the arboretum

more arboretum


building in La Pocatiere

church with several bells, in La Pocatiere

a stream we passed on the way out of La Pocatiere

Dad watches the bikes while i take pictures of the stream

hill near La Pocatiere

nearing St. Pacome, looking back at the road we just climbed

we stopped at St. Pacome in front of a church (behind us in this photo) to look for the promised food option, but it was nowhere in evidence, so we ate some trail mix and pressed on

down the hill (not our route) in St. Pacome

riding through farmland back towards the river

bridge over Riviere a Saumon, the small tributary which we've been following since St Pacome

looking back along Riviere a Saumon

Dad, ready to ride

we reach the bridge, in Riviere-Ouelle, and stop for lunch at a convenience store

all roads head towards the river

wildflowers by the side of the road

more wildflowers by the river

Dad checks in with a gadget

looking back along the river

mossy rocks along the river

panorama by the river

across the river

we took a slight wrong turn here, continuing on an unmarked local road where we should have turned to climb the hill; after taking this picture, we recovered our heading

we stopped in Parc Bellevue after climbing a hill, and were passed by a bicycle race

the road we just climbed from the river

looking back at the river

Dad, on the road ahead

our day ended with a fast flat 8km ride through this valley to Kamouraska

road curving towards Kamouraska

green fields

Kamouraska becomes visible

round metal roof in Kamouraska

building in Kamouraska

view from our hotel

sailboat visible as sunset begins in Kamouraska

early sunset over the river

the clouds start to change color

sunset according to Dad's camera

clouds turning red

sunset from Kamouraska

more sunset

looking east along the river

sunset panorama

bands of color

houses by the river

the end of sunset

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