Sicily - Day 1: Boston to Palermo (by airplane and on foot)

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Bill, David, Tom, and i met up at the airport and grabbed dinner before our redeye to Frankfurt, followed by a short flight down to Palermo as the sun rose.

Bags packed and ready to go

London at night, from airplane

Passing the English Channel and starting to fly over continental Europe

The beginning of sunrise on the flight from Frankfurt to Palermo

Step 2 of sunrise - blinding sunlight

First view of Sicily - a foggy island in the rain

The Sicilian coastline comes into focus

Palermo airport, with the town of Cinisi in the foothills behind it

Taxi ride to our hotel in Palermo

After checking into the hotel, Bill, Dave, Sarah, and i went to a nearby pedestrian district and found a nice restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon, Sarah and i wandered around Palermo to look at buildings, and then we made a dinner reservation at another place near the hotel. Joe joined us just in time, and all eight of us had dinner together.

First primi of the trip

building in Palermo

on the street corner by our hotel, Dave and Bill do not look at the camera

Dave and Bill continue not to look at the camera

Teatro Politeama Garibaldi, near our hotel

statue of a lion

the top of the building with the lion

a pedestrian district in Palermo

sculpture above a door in Palermo

hipster gelato

the intersection of Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele has a statue-decorated wall at each of the four corners

a second corner, with tourists

the Piazza Pretoria, with fountain

graffiti in Palermo: 'to struggle for work is not a crime'

windows at the end of San Cataldo, a 12th century Arabic-style Norman church

panorama of churches in the Piazza Bellini

a part of the fortification of the old Panormo

Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio — as you can see from the plants, we seem to be in the Mediterranean

San Cataldo with its three red domes

Dooooooome (of the Chiesa di Santa Caterina)

buildings in the Piazza Pretoria, from another angle

more Palermo graffiti, something along the lines of 'Long live the uprising of the youth'

Cattedrale di Palermo

clock tower of the Cattedrale di Palermo

roof and wall detail at the Cattedrale di Palermo

wall above the entrance to the Cattedrale di Palermo

plaque about the kings of Sicily (i can't read Latin, but Wikipedia knows everything)

inside the cathedral... a replica of the cathedral

dome interior with chandeliers

a floor sundial!

information about the floor sundial, which was installed by an astronomer in the late 18th century

floor sundial detail - fish vs scorpion


statue inside the cathedral - St. Agatha with a protractor

On the walk back from the cathedral, we took a different route up many narrow streets and through an outdoor vegetable market with mammoth zucchini and cauliflowers (not photographed due to clerical error)

a bicycle (ish), and also some berries

Back at the hotel, we met up with Scott, who had arrived, and prepared to go out to dinner

sketches over the fireplace at Hotel Plaza Opera (plus bonus arms)

decorative plate at Trattoria Biondo, where we had dinner

In Sicily, you can eat squid with melon every day!

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