SWIL Sicily Adventure

In October 2015, eight of us bicycled around the west coast of Sicily for a week. We encountered gorgeous architecture, amazing landscapes, fantastic food, fascinating archaeological sites, and neat people. We encountered long days, epic mud, brutal headwinds, and depressing ruins. We had a great time.

Day 1: Boston to Palermo (by airplane and on foot)

Day 2: Palermo to Segesta to Scopello (by car and bike)

Day 3: Scopello to Erice (by bike)

Day 4: Erice to Marsala (by bike)

Day 5: Marsala to Selinunte (by bike)

Day 6: Selinunte to Contessa Entellina (by bike)

Day 7: Contessa Entellina to Piana degli Albanesi (by car)

Day 8: Piana degli Albanesi to Monreale to Palermo (by bike and car)

Day 9: Palermo to Boston (by airplane)

Composite map of all cycling