Sicily - Day 9: Palermo to Boston (by airplane)

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On the last day, we headed straight to the airport after breakfast, then most of us flew back to Boston via Munich. Because of the time difference, we arrived in the evening of the same (long) day.

sunrise from the hotel window

Last breakfast in Sicily: coffee! little croissant! weird herb pepper cheese! grapes with seeds! salami! ACE juice! (Have i mentioned ACE juice yet? It's Sicilian pog --- orange, carrot, and some kind of tropical fruit. I had it most mornings)

heading to the airport

airplane in front of the mountains

Bill and David at the airport

Certain nameless member of our party (not pictured because they are off looking for paper towels) cannot be taken anywhere

David and Tom were in the row behind me on our first flight

the Alps, i assume

lacking a window seat on the first flight, i did not see them myself, but David and Tom took these photos for me with my camera

in the Munich airport, Sarah got sachertorte and many wooden spoons

taking off from Munich

flying over islands at the edge of the British isles

leaving those islands behind

an inhospitable-looking part of atlantic Canada

snowy islands in atlantic Canada

boats on a plane!

somewhere along Boston's south coast - i think Scituate and the North River

the end of Hull

home! the Boston skyline at sunset as we reach the airport

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