Cabot Trail - Day 1: Boston to Baddeck (by car)

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I can't speak to ocean, but there's a fair bit of highway between Boston and Saint John. It took us about 13 hours to get ourselves and our van of bikes to our starting point in Baddeck, NS. It was a pretty drive, but a long one. [748 mi]

We're off. A mere three hours into our drive, we have reached Maine

We rented a 12-passenger van and left the rear rows of seats behind, so most of the space is full of our bikes

This part of the drive was characterized by early fall colors and neat clouds

Slightly different fall colors and clouds

Library in Calais, ME, just on the U.S. side of the border, where we stopped for lunch

Leaving the diner where we had lunch

The border is that way

New Brunswick also contains early fall colors and neat clouds

Scott the driver, getting over having been sick

I don't know what to tell you about this picture. You have all the information

Plants reflected in water turned out to be a major theme of this trip

only 96 km to Saint John!

More clouds. Also, near the left you can see the first of many of these moose-gate-fence things we passed en route.

trees and a lake

big lake (i think this is actually the Digdeguash River; sadly, it is definitely not the Pull and Be Damned Narrows, but just so you know, that is also a thing)

I had a really hard time photographing the moose-gate things from a moving car, so bear with the awful window reflection in this shot, because it seems to be the clearest one i got of the mechanism

some ocean and some clouds

some flat landscape near Saint John

some sort of bog, also near Saint John

container loading area in Saint John

turbulent water and a cruise ship in Saint John

recap: Saint John harbor


clouds, reflected in the van mirror

a bridge, also some clouds


bridge to Cape Breton Island; sadly the rest of my photos look like literal darkness, and are omitted, but we drove up through Cape Breton looking at the moonlight reflected in the water between us and Sydney, and it was amazing. Also we did not hit our first of several moose.

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