Cabot Trail Adventure

In September 2018, four of us did a self-guided tour of the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, the northeast tip of Nova Scotia. Instead of contracting with a tour company, we rented a van and took turns driving it. We biked most of the trail, including the out-and-back to Meat Cove, in five days of riding. My route for the week was 194 mi (my route is what's shown in the picture below), but because we traded off driving, the distance biked varied by person.

Day 1: Boston to Baddeck (by car)

Day 2: Baddeck to Saint Joseph du Moine (by bike)

Day 3: Saint Joseph du Moine to Pleasant Bay (by bike)

Day 4: Pleasant Bay to Dingwall (by bike)

Day 5: Dingwall to Meat Cove and back (by bike)

Day 6: Dingwall to Indian Brook (by bike)

Day 7: Indian Brook to Yarmouth (by car)

Day 8: Yarmouth to Boston (by ferry and car)

Composite map of all cycling