Cabot Trail - Day 6: Dingwall to Indian Brook (by bike)

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Our last day of biking: David generously offered to drive again, and the rest of us went most of the way down the eastern side of the Cabot Trail, a pleasant ride with rolling hills and great views until one enormous climb over Mount Smokey at around mile 40. We spent the night at Cabot Shores resort. [60.4 mi]

i got up even earlier the second day at Dingwall to take sunrise photos; if that's not your thing, it should be obvious when to stop skimming

the sky is a little bit orange

the moon is still hanging out over the cabins

now the sky is more orange

sunrise with beach

sunrise south view

sunrise panorama

more sky

sky: the orangening

south sunrise view

evidence of the actual sun, behind a cloud

this is not the sun, it is an airplane trail


for real this time, the sun

and some clouds, and that's a wrap; breakfast time

sporadic fall colors and a very reflective lake

more reflective lake, or the soundcloud logo, one or the other

turning onto White Point Rd, we see the water again

this is the southern end of the same sandbar in front of Dingwall

more sandbar

sandbar view making it clear that we're looking at the same point we've been seeing from Dingwall for the past two days

one last shot of that point while we still can

houses on a point ahead

islands are everywhere! This one has to be Saint Paul, right?

looking back from White Point

the road behind at White Point

me, Sarah, and Scott at White Point

the road ahead across White Point


many birds on almost as many rocks

houses in New Haven Cove

a whole lot of giant stone d4s

more metal roofs

the ocean is big

the ocean is still big when you're standing on rocks

south along the coast

surf against rocks

ocean, surf, rocks

naturally occurring bolts

whoa, bald eagles

eagling away

we've been in and out of the Cape Breton Highlands most of this week, but now we are leaving them headed south

decoration at the Bean Barn Cafe, where we stopped for lunch

triangular bridge support

a river

the almost-unnecessarily picturesque inlet near Ingonish Beach

reflection of us looking at the inlet

Ingonish graffiti

more marsh view

looking back at the Keltic Lodges resort, where we did not attempt to stay because it didn't fit our timeline, but we're well willing to believe their view was great

the road behind, including my bike

the road ahead

close-up of Keltic Lodges

my bike at the top of Cape Smokey (Mount Smokey? whatever. elevation 909 ft, anyway)

view from Cape Smokey

Sarah and Scott at Cape Smokey (also note all the tourist graffiti on the rail)

after climbing Mount Smokey, we had to descend Mount Smokey, probably the most harrowing ride on my brakes of the whole trip; i stopped at Wreck Cove to give my hands a rest

stream at Wreck Cove

finally, flat ground! the road behind

the road ahead

helpful information about the Wreck Cove hydro system


glass artisan studio where we stopped to be tourists

fast forward to dessert at Cabot Shores, tiramisu in a jar

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