Cabot Trail - Day 7: Indian Brook to Yarmouth (by car)

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We considered a couple of options for this morning, including doing a bit more biking and visiting some more tourist sites in Baddeck, but then we consulted the internet and found out that if we got on the road reasonably straightforwardly, we could make it to Truro in time to see the tidal bore, one of the manifestations of the Bay of Fundy's famous tides. So we did that, and then spent the rest of the day driving to Yarmouth. [432 mi]

solar panels at Cabot Shores

main building at Cabot Shores

yurt at Cabot Shores (sadly, we ourselves did not stay in a yurt)

approaching the Clucking Hen Cafe (did i mention that our first day on Cape Breton, we got the advice "always pick the restaurants with adjective-animal names"? Well, we did, and it served us well)

the Clucking Hen had gotten a number of decorations from their glass studio neighbors

ourdoors at the Clucking Hen, where we were not because it was raining

i guess the eggplant bong is a thing (n.b. possibly actually a bird feeder)"

my breakfast at the Clucking Hen


we set off in the rain to leave Cape Breton Island

the road ahead

view from the van

view from the van as we head out onto a picturesque strip of highway

more view from the van

more view from the van

sadly, this turns out to have been a mistake; we're on the road to the ferry, which is closed, and which we weren't planning to take; we get turned around, and at least we got a nice view for our troubles

view from the van as we head back north

back on track

a lake

some cliffs

plants off to the side of the road

lake off to the side of the road

some manner of bird

the road ahead

more lake

more trees reflected in water

didn't think we'd be free of my metal roof obsession just because we got in the van, did you?

a cemetary

another platonic ideal Cape Breton church

i also enjoy metal bridges

leaving Cape Breton Island

trees and sky

looking back to the north

mainland Nova Scotia also has rivers and lakes

view from the van

more rivers and marshes

we never found out where the rest of the moose was

the road ahead

we've arrived at the Truro viewing station in time to see the tidal bore

the Salmon River, which is the end of an arm of the Bay of Fundy

people milling at the viewing station

information about where we are

the bend, around which the rising water will eventually come

rocks by the edge of the water

the view downriver

a bunch of birds hanging out in the water, doing bird things

a bunch birds take off; is something happening?

don't see it yet

some rocks, not yet covered by water

bank across the river

now something might be happening

the wave continues to approach slowly

the wave comes around the bend

close-up of wave

wide view of wave

the wave approaches the remaining birds

the wave approaches those rocks i photographed earlier

the wave passes where we are sitting

the wave continues downriver

the water may be a bit higher

the wave is still going

the water is definitely more turbulent

the water looks somewhat higher overall (sorry about the water on my camera lens; it was raining throughout)



the birds are still hanging out

downriver to the bridge

after lunch, we get back on the road in the rain

fields, marsh, clouds

a rainbow

nothing but blue skies ahead

okay, i got nothing

i wanted to get at least one picture of the fully iconographic, nearly incomprehensible, Nova Scotia travel services signs

Yarmouth: master of its own fate, chooser of its own town slogan

the bay by Yarmouth

the docks are designed around the idea that the tides are going to go up and down a lot

that's probably our ferry

dock ramp

our dinner restaurant, which had a surprisingly reasonable house band (i didn't know bar house bands covered "Born This Way"; i guess in 2018 they do)

we took advantage of our last night in Nova Scotia to actually try one of the ubiquitous Caesar mixed drinks

iirc, mine was a blonde Caesar and Scott's was a gin Caesar; i liked mine, it's a similar principle to a michelada

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