Cabot Trail - Day 8: Yarmouth to Boston (by ferry and car)

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Taking the ferry was a good idea on paper, but in practice some of us get a lot more seasick than we expect in a fully-enclosed vehicle on the open ocean. So: would not recommend, welcome back to the United States, us. But it did cut a lot of miles off the drive. [211 mi]. After that, we had a very nice lunch at an Asian-themed Portland place called the Honey Paw, and then drove back to Boston (no map of the latter, since i didn't take any more photos)

after a long wait in the "tall vehicles" lane, we are about to actually get on the ferry

boats in Yarmouth Bay, from the ferry

Yarmouth Bay, from the ferry

the lot where we waited to get on the ferry


Nova Scotia, from the ferry

last view of Nova Scotia

the vast undifferentiated ocean ahead

the vast ocean behind, differentiated only by our wake

several hours later, the ocean is still vast and undifferentiated, but at least the sky looks better


this fender would pretty much destroy a 40-foot sailboat

our wake threatens Portland

the ferry's bumper has a little notch on it

i think the ramp is going to attach there

probably one cleat can hold this entire ferry, i dunno

here comes the ramp

after lunch, we see the ferry on its way back

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