Cabot Trail - Day 2: Baddeck to Saint Joseph du Moine (by bike)

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Our first day of riding was my day to drive the van, so i drove from Baddeck to our B&B along the coast, then looped back via bike to join the group. On several people's recommendation, we drove down the coast to Mabou for dinner, where we went to see the Beaton sisters play at the Red Shoe tavern (since you're no doubt wondering: yes, Kate Beaton the cartoonist is related to the Cape Breton music Beatons). [there-and-back: 32.7 mi]

Leaving Auberge Gisele in the morning; the riders mill around near our van

The riders mill in a line

View from the B&B, presumably southeast towards other parts of Cape Breton

And they're off!

Since i had the van, i drove to the scenic markers for the beginning of the Cabot Trail

Construction. We wait for the pilot car to signal us through the one-way segment.

Here comes the pilot car.

View north along the coast from our B&B, the Yellow Sidecar

this is the yellow sidecar

View south along the coast

The B&B itself

More north coastal view

More south coastal view

View west out towards the Bay of Saint Lawrence

mouth of the Margaree River

I started riding back along the trail to meet the rest of the group

upriver along the Margaree

downriver along the Margaree

small stream in a marshy area


proof that a stream, some cows, my bike, and Canada were all in the same place at the same time

marshmallow hay bales

I stopped on this bridge for awhile and chatted with some local teenagers (not pictured)

view from the bridge

I met up with the rest of the group at the Dancing Goat Cafe (also not pictured) and we started retracing my steps west

More photos off that bridge. Reflected cloud, or underwater polar bear? You decide.

Sarah and David wait for us to finish taking pictures off the bridge


more marsh

neat-looking church with a metal steeple roof; if you think this is the last metal church roof you'll have to look at in these pictures, you are sorely mistaken

back to the coast; David and Sarah are riding ahead

Scott catching up

south along the coast again

south along the coast again, this time from the window of our room in the B&B

inside of the B&B

motorcycles were a decorative theme

appetizers at the Red Shoe

the Beaton sisters, playing piano and fiddle

the Beaton sisters, playing fiddle and piano

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