Cabot Trail - Day 4: Pleasant Bay to Dingwall (by bike)

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In the morning, we drove back to the west coast and hiked the Skyline Trail; we'd passed the trailhead on our bikes the day before, but figured the views would be disappointing given the rain. [5.2 mi]

You wake up in the morning, and there's a horse trailer with a horse in it on your lawn. Some days are like that

We head off along the Skyline Trail

ferns ferns ferns. Also David

Me, in front of something scenic. I am squinting because of the sun, a good sign that we might see views today.

a moose! not on the road, for once.

the party walking along the trail

some plants

hey, look, it's the ocean

also plants waving in the wind

tree. contains bird

landscape. contains clouds


moose tracks

a tree

a great view, which was beside the tree all along

for best view, steady binoculars on child's head

ocean view

yellow plants are yellow

ocean view

a path leading south

maximum ocean view

Sarah and David view the ocean

a critter

lots of tree roots

panorama of trail and coast

panorama of observation platform

i mean... same to you, tree

an explanation of the plaques on the steps to the observation platform (which you'll see in a later photo)

walking towards the observation platform

observing the coastline (in the zoomed-in version of this photo you can see that metal-roofed church in Cheticamp that i was making so much noise about yesterday)

the view landward

there's a lot of water out there

we biked up that yesterday

that, too

steps down to the lower observation platform

more of the coastal road

hillside below the road

one last iconic coastline distance view; you can see the lighthouse point on the right edge of the island

a totally unauthorized walking trail out to the end of the point, which we were good and did not take

one last iconic coastline close view

ocean view to the north

steps up from the observation platform

okay, last south coastline view for real this time

the first of the plaques on the steps

more miscellaneous plants

the second of the plaques on the steps

some trees

a stream under some ferns

the inside of the fence is defined as the outside of the moose

a quartz-y sort of rock

the view inside the exclosure

we saw a number of these insects during the week, but i never got a picture of a live one

we did not visit the Skyline Trail by bike, but it's nice to know that if we had, there would have been a bike rack

In the afternoon, David drove the van to Dingwall, while Sarah, Scott, and i biked it. The topo map shows that we exited Cape Breton Island's northern ridge, so the ride started with a long climb followed by a steep descent [21.4 mi]

parking lot of the mysteriously-named Mountain View Motel

the three elements of a photo are sky, bird, and wire

we stopped only a few minutes into our ride to do this short hike

spoiler: we did not encounter any coyote

a heavily-graffitied tree

Sarah has found the hut which is the nominal purpose of this hike

the hut, also called a shieling

explanatory plaque about shielings

you don't get much more thatched than this roof

interior of the shieling: the idea is that there's one room which is fully enclosed that a person can sleep in, and a second room that's covered but not enclosed, so the sheep have somewhere to go in bad weather

closeup of thatched roof ends

stream in the woods

our hike was followed by an hour of relentless climbing

at least the view was nice

the road ahead

the road behind

approaching the summit, we no longer fear moose


Sarah, riding to the summit (the false summit, unfortunately)

ten minutes later, looking back from the real summit

which means we have to start going down now

Scott, beginning the plummet to all of our doom

I didn't like that much. My brakes didn't either

the descent ahead

the view to the side

the road behind

a hanging valley

a long valley

our destination, the Atlantic Ocean, visible from along the descent

the road behind

the valley and coast ahead

why did we have to do all that climbing? because rocks

more hanging valley

at the bottom of our descent, we find a river with some neat algae

more river

never a good sign... i think somewhere after this, we stopped for ice cream, but uncharacteristically i don't seem to have gotten any photos of the souvenir/ice cream shop

this water tower tells us we're getting close to Dingwall

view behind on the road to Dingwall

view ahead on the road to Dingwall

a lighthouse (not functional in this location) next to a house with a nice red metal roof

inside of the lighthouse

our first view of the Atlantic north from Dingwall

the northeast tip of Nova Scotia

view south to White Point

the road behind as we enter the Markland (our B&B)

wood ceiling of our cabin

wood floor of our cabin

wood wall art of our cabin

our cabin is in fact very nice, it's just made entirely of wood

view across the lawn of our cabin towards the ocean



clouds over the hills around our B&B

north coastal view at dusk

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