Umbria - Day 3: Sansepolcro to Montone (by bike)

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First day of riding! After a large buffet-style breakfast, we got a slow start due to meeting Giovanni again, checking out gear, getting water, etc, and eventually hit the road at around 10:15. All nine of us rode together in the morning through pretty country roads to Citta di Castello. After lunch, we split up: Joe, Bill, BDan, Scott, and i stayed to explore Citta di Castello a bit while the others headed straight to town. The ride to Montone started out as annoying highway riding, but near the end, we turned off onto a smaller road for the final climb into Montone, a gorgeous walled city up in the hills.

Joe, almost underway

Scott, Tom, David, Beth, and Lucas, almost underway

BDan, underway! (leaving Trebbio)

BDan, riding

riding through the valley on the way to Citta di Castello

the group, approaching as i wait on a bridge

the group, still approaching

Bill, arriving

Scott, David, and Tom, arriving

looking around while we regroup

leaving the bridge

valley with mountains in the distance

closer look at those mountains

miscellaneous plants

spiderweb on plants

more valley and mountains

the group rides by a building covered in moss

Tom, by a neat-looking house

more houses

arched brick ceiling inside restaurant in Citta di Castello

We had lunch at a place whose name matched one of Iron Donkey's recommendations, but we think it was a different place. The waitress spoke no English, but we managed our way through ordering what turned out to be a large lunch. Our antipasti included bruscetta with liver pate, then i had a stroganoff-like dish of beef and mushrooms in a cream sauce.

panorama of countryside near Citta di Castello

alley in Citta di Castello

BDan and Scott in an alley

basement window

pedestrian bridge

We can't see the Duomo because it's closed until 15:30. Bill and Joe are devastated

archway over the door of the cathedral, which is open

inside the cathedral

ceiling inside the cathedral

dome interior, in the cathedral

inside the cathedral

view from park in Citta di Castello

view from park in Citta di Castello

a covered outdoor escalator

statue of Garibaldi, in Citta di Castello

sometimes you gotta have a giant elephant topiary

BDan, riding

view after leaving Citta di Castello

view after leaving Citta di Castello

view after leaving Citta di Castello

more views: we were riding along the highway here, so it was tempting to stop and take pictures often

this is not Montone

Scott taking a picture


more countryside and mountains

this is Montone!

on the climb to Montone

Montone! (not done climbing yet, but the sign is encouraging)

panorama, just beginning the climb to Montone

panorama, further along the climb

looking back down at the valley as we climb

more valley — it's getting further away

We made it! View from the little balcony of our hotel room in Montone

the valley, seen from our hotel room balcony

walking around Montone

the streets of Montone

the parking situation in Montone

more views of the valley

Bill looks at a World War memorial

ruined building in Montone

window of ruined building

We bought some crackers, spreads, and wine, and had a sundowner on the enormous balcony outside of David and Tom's room. There were 500 million ants doing busy ant things, but they did not bother us at all because we were on vacation.

view from Tom and David's balcony

Scott on the balcony

sunset in Montone

dessert at Erba Luna, tiramisu on a chocolate shell

Interior of Erba Luna, a restaurant made from a converted stable. We had a slight comedy of errors getting a reservation made (no fault of the restaurant's), but the food was terrific: i had ravioli with scallops, and there were several creative appetizers, including smoked mozzarela and something called 'brik with egg'

closeup of ceiling at Erba Luna

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