Umbria - Day 4: Montone to Assisi (by bike)

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Scott, David, Tom, and i had a (relatively) early morning. After breakfast at the hotel buffet (featuring excellent whole wheat croissants), we hit the road by 8:45. We started with a terrific, if chilly, ride down to the valley floor (i maxed out at 46kph), then stopped briefly in Umbertide to take pictures. Apparently sometimes this tour puts the hotel stop in Umbertide rather than Montone — we felt we'd lucked out, given the gorgeous views, neat town, and great food in Montone. After that, we rode along the Tiber for awhile, then stopped for an early lunch of mediocre panini (egg and tuna) after about 20 km. We rode through the valley and then climbed to Assisi, arriving in mid-afternoon. Scott and i spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Assisi, which was totally charming in the rain. In lieu of dinner out, we had pizza at the hotel, and played Citadels and Swedish Goat Game.

morning in Montone, fog in the valley

fog leaving the valley, seen on the ride down from Montone

still no shortage of fog in the valley

looking across the valley

eight-sided scaffolding in Umbertide, probably surrounding an eight-sided church, but who can say?

taking a photo break in Umbertide

first view of the Tiber River, in Umbertide

bridge across the Tiber, in Umbertide

Scott takes a look at the river

looking back as we leave Umbertide

Tom, approaching

David, putting his camera away while riding

David, approaching

overgrown building by the roadside

hexagonal window in a church we passed

valley panorama

view down the Tiber

stream by the roadside

looking across the valley

David and Tom, approaching

bikes (mine and Scott's)

we saw these trees all over the place

a field full of solar panels

bare fields

a roadside shrine

the river again

We were tired after riding on annoying high-traffic roads nearing Assisi, and stopped for gelato at this excellent place. I had lemon gelato, and espresso.

clock tower next door to gelato place

Scott and Tom at the gelato place

Assisi! The city below, the Rocca Maggiore above

getting closer to Assisi. The climb up was tiring, so i didn't take any pictures after this, in the interest of getting it done with.

at the Porta Nuova gate

view of the valley from outside Assisi's gate

Tom, Scott, and David appreciate the view

our room at Hotel Sole in Assisi

our hotel room had a little balcony

...which overlooked a narrow street with some shops

St. Clare's basilica



panorama of Assisi in the rain

multicolored roof in Assisi

street in Assisi, with another street below to the right

Scott in front of a belltower in Assisi

Scott, ascending a staircase

World War II memorial, in a park in Assisi

the Rocca

street in Assisi, in the rain

another window

Later, for dinner, we got carryout pizza from this place and played board games back at the hotel. Not a successful experiment (though the pizza was fine) — after trying this once, we decided that we were on vacation to eat delicious 3-hour meals, and could play board games when we got home.

another street in Assisi

looking north from Assisi towards the mountains

more mountains

wall around the Rocca

looking towards the Rocca and the mountains

a closer look

me, standing in a doorway in the rain

Scott, standing in a doorway in the rain


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