Umbria - Day 5: Assisi: Mount Subasio loop (by bike)

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I kept a lot of pictures from today — apologies in advance. I was really charmed by Assisi and by the views from the day's route. BDan, Scott, and i did the loop ride around Mount Subasio. We got a slow start. The highlight of breakfast was do-it-yourself caffe latte (a pitcher of coffee and a pitcher of excellent fresh milk on each table), and with one thing and another, it was 9:45 by the time we were underway. We then rode down to Spello, up around the mountain, and back down again. The day was not free of incident, but the views were gorgeous and we were pleased with ourselves for making the ride. We got back at around 16:20, then headed to the Basilica of St. Francis. After sunset, we had a nice dinner in town, in which i shared 'local long pasta' (not unlike udon) with walnuts and arugala and a rabbit dish, and, for dessert, panna cotta and more biscotti, soaked in a not-overly-sweet red wine this time.

morning haze in the valley below Assisi

hazy farmlands below Assisi

hazy mountains above Assisi


...growing on a tree

still a bit hazy

some of the roadside shrines doubled as fountains, where we could get fresh water

BDan and i couldn't resist trying the olives. They were unripe and unbrined and tasted vile. I decided the taste was a good way to make sure i drank enough water.


view across the valley near Spello

another view of Spello

a building we passed along the roadside

...and its arch

around the corner from Spello, we found another valley

clouds over the mountain

Roman aquaduct, no fooling

view back towards Spello

view across the valley

Panorama of clouds over the valley near the aquaduct — you can see Spello again near the right

probably not a cell tower

a town in the valley

rock by the side of the road

another panorama of clouds over the mountains

trees on the hillside

hillside seen during the climb to Collepino

looking back during the climb to Collepino — this is not your route

danger: hexagons

after the 1000-foot climb to Collepino, BDan and Scott are very happy to see that this restaurant is open

Chandelier in the restaurant, where we had a decent meal, including a piece of garlic bread soaked in olive oil and salt. After the climb, eating 1/3 of a piece seemed appealing. Under other circumstances, i have no idea what we would have done with it.

arched ceiling of the restaurant, photographed while waiting for our roasted eggplant (worth the wait)

looking down from Collepino

bare hillside seen from Collepino

construction, ruin, and/or fire pit, in Collepino

Collepino uses one set of house numbers for the entire town, rather than dividing by street. There are not very many streets.

Scott menaces the streets of Collepino with his camera

sign of the Taverna San Silvestro, where we ate lunch

building in Collepino, and evidence of at least one named street

i liked this garage door

we're in the administrative district of Spello

wheel in a wall

Looking back from Collepino to the road below which we had taken.

Looking back at Collepino from the next rise

another valley

a town (not sure which one)

sun in the valley, and another tree

the road behind

these were sometimes growing on those tall trees

valley to the northeast (probably) of Mount Subasio

a town (not sure which one)

berries (we did not eat)

clouds, shadows, mountains

Scott, climbing

Scott, climbing

panorama in honor of BDan fixing his flat tire

BDan, returning victorious from Armenzano

BDan, passing

my bike, at Armenzano (750m)

northeast view from Armenzano

more view from Armenzano

the road, descending again

Scott and BDan, resting

more view

bird taking off from a tin roof

panorama past Armenzano

rooftops, a view, and some fall colors

mountains to the north, visible as we start to approach Assisi

more mountains to the north — this might be the Ponte Grande. It's very tall, whatever it is

looking west at the road leading to Assisi

the Rocca of Assisi, seen as we approach

road to Assisi

valley north of Assisi

mountains to the north

Scott and BDan at the scenic overlook

facade of the Temple of Minerva, in Assisi (redone as a church inside)

phantom door

phantom fresco

potted plants

approaching St. Francis's basilica

BDan crossing


St. Francis's basilica

window of St. Francis's basilica

art in the courtyard of St. Francis's

arches and windows in the courtyard of St. Francis's

interior of the Temple of Minerva

statues in the Temple of Minerva

front column of the Temple of Minerva

Temple of Minerva

sunset over Assisi

sunset over Assisi and the valley

more Assisi sunset

Scott, BDan, Joe, Tom, and David watching the sunset

Beth, Scott, BDan, Tom, and Bill watching the sunset

sunset over this tower, once more for good measure

sunset over the valley

busker playing... i don't remember now, something totally incongruous like 'Scarborough Fair'

valley below Assisi in the dark

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