SWIL Umbria bicycling adventure

In October 2013, i organized the first SWIL (and friends) bicycling adventure. BDan, Beth, Bill, David, Joe, Lucas, Scott, Tom, and i biked the region of Umbria from north to south, and explored Florence and Rome on foot, eating excellent food all the way. Here are my photos and maps from that trip.

Day 1: Florence (on foot)

Day 2: Florence to Sansepolcro (by bus)

Day 3: Sansepolcro to Montone (by bike)

Day 4: Montone to Assisi (by bike)

Day 5: Assisi: Mount Subasio loop (by bike)

Day 6: Assisi to Bevagna (by bike)

Day 7: Bevagna to Spoleto (by bike)

Day 8: Spoleto: La Spina and back (by bike)

Day 9: Spoleto to Rome (by train)

Composite map of all cycling