Umbria - Day 7: Bevagna to Spoleto (by bike)

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After a slow morning in Bevagna, Joe, Scott, David, Tom, and i rode to Spoleto via Trevi for our last travel day. In the morning, we had a pleasant ride along a canal bike path. Lunch in Trevi was at a restaurant featuring eggs, not previously encountered — Tom had a frittata of sorts. We wandered around town waiting for the museum of olive production to open, and then went through that, along with BDan, who had arrived from Montefalco in the mean time. Afterwards, we did some souvenir shopping, then hit the road again. We had a lot of cue sheet difficulties in the afternoon, given that the route was effectively 'take the bike path to Spoleto'. Riding in Spoleto was no fun, between traffic and construction, and we got a bit cranky. Dinner was okay — the high point was the introduction of Welsh rarebit to our set of Italian food options. After dinner, gelatto, and then some hanging out and sampling the chocolate liqueur we'd picked up in Trevi.

i am reliably informed that this is not a pullup bar

hotel room in Bevagna

countryside near Bevagna with houses

countryside near Bevagna with fields

David takes pictures in front of a villa

David and Tom riding on the bike path

foggy mountain view

David and Tom further down the path

fields, greenhouses... is that Mount Subasio again?

the valley

this really was an excellent bike path

Joe (where'd he come from?), Scott, and David, on a bridge

bike path and foggy mountain view

power lines and smoke in the valley

town on a hill

the bike path ran along this canal

we take a break on a bridge

Scott out standing in his field

hey, there's a ladder down to a platform in the canal... should we go down there?

we should! view under the bridge

Joe climbs down

Tom climbs down

David balances on one foot

canal under the bridge

i climb back up

We remove the ladder, abandoning Scott on the platform. He doesn't seem to mind

valley and mountains

People picking leafy greens with machinery. The belt rotates, carrying the picked greens from the field towards the truck, where they're removed

first view of Trevi

riding towards Trevi

entering Trevi

view west across the valley from Trevi

view southwest from Trevi

Montefalco (i think)

back to Subasio and Assisi again: it never gets old!

see no, hear no, and speak no, in the restaurant in Trevi where we ate lunch

panorama of the valley from the west side of Trevi

roads in Trevi

inscription over the door of a ruined building in Trevi

corner in Trevi

a pedestal... hold that thought

a door

phantom window

i told you to hold that thought about the pedestal

sadly, i didn't get anyone else's silly pedestal photos on my camera

inside a church in Trevi

inside the church

inside the church

inside the church

stone with writing on it

street in Trevi

view east from Trevi

wall of scythes, in the olive museum

backpack for carrying olives

statue in the museum, from overhead

stone from 1st C BCE

1st C BCE artifact in the museum in Trevi

ruined building

after leaving Trevi

a parasailor

near the end of the last day of riding in the valley

last valley panorama, looking east as we approach Spoleto

looking into the hills

Spoleto, from the valley

amphitheatre in Spoleto

more amphitheatre

amphitheatre stones

another amphitheatre shot

red, white, and green salad, at dinner

Spoleto at night, from hotel window

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