Umbria - Day 8: Spoleto: La Spina and back (by bike)

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Today we bid farewell to David and Tom, who headed to Rome after breakfast. BDan, Beth, Joe, Lucas, Scott, and i headed into the Appennines, the mountain range south and east of Spoleto. BDan, Scott, and i rode for 2.5 hours to a pass 20km in and almost 1km up, where we took pictures and then had a terrific run back to town, 10km straight downhill. On the way back into town, i would up too tired to ride, then fell off my bike while trying to call a halt. It turned out fine, and it happens, but stupidity and traffic don't mix, so that's a lesson for the future. We stopped for sandwiches after that, then rejoined the group and walked up to the Rocca Albornoziana and its neighboring aqueduct, meeting my main tourist goal for Spoleto. We then walked through the amphitheatre museum, and had an unexceptional dinner in town.

Last full group morning: Bill, Scott, Tom, David, Beth, and Lucas eat breakfast in the hotel before Tom and David leave to catch their train

Joe is still not on this trip. I continue to have no idea what you're talking about

a building in Spoleto we passed on the way out of town

can't have a cycling trip without livestock photos, what was i thinking?

riding through the valley before we start climbing

Beth and Lucas climbing a hill

Beth and Lucas riding

Lucas, staying hydrated

Beth, Joe, and Lucas split off at this fork, while BDan, Scott, and i kept climbing

field view while climbing

the road ahead, while climbing

the road behind, while climbing

view while climbing

We made it! View from our arbitrary stopping point, the top of a hill at La Spina

Scott celebrates by futzing with his camera

the summit of our trip — panorama from La Spina hilltop

BDan celebrates by wearing reflective sunglasses

opposite hilltop from the hill where we're standing to take pictures

looking north from La Spina (the view north wasn't great)

looking south again

looking down at the road where we left our bikes

another mountain view

looking north again

our bikes at La Spina

on the way back down, we stopped for water in La Spina itself

rocky wall among the switchbacks

looking over the railing at the hill opposite

the road ahead

view of mountains and the road below, while descending

water pipe by the side of the road

BDan, coasting downhill

Scott, coasting downhill

field and hillside by the road

Scott, riding next to a hillside field

Scott, most of the way back down the hill

the road ahead, valley, and mountains

we broke this speed limit coasting downhill

the grips on my rental bike were super comfortable

highway crossing

back in Spoleto

street in Spoleto near our hotel

clock and sundial in Spoleto

building in Spoleto

entrance to the Rocca in Spoleto, a 14th century fortress attached to a 13th century aqueduct

exterior wall of the Rocca

east from the Rocca

Spoleto from the Rocca

north into the hills from the Rocca

Ponte della Torri, a 13th century aqueduct

along the aqueduct

an arch of the aqueduct

Bill and Lucas look at the aqueduct

crossing the aqueduct, Bill contemplates the height

risking my camera to capture the view down from the aqueduct

view from the aqueduct

views north and east from the aqueduct, plus bonus photographers Lucas and Beth, and a man with two faces

Beth and Scott on the aqueduct

me on the aqueduct

view along the aqueduct back towards the Rocca

Lucas and Beth in an arch

Bill, Lucas, Beth, and Joe in three arches

tower on the far side of the aqueduct

aqueduct from above

Rocca from across the aqueduct

part of a rainbow (photographing rainbows is hard!)

sheep, from above

snail shell

courtyard of the Rocca

wall of the Rocca

courtyard with some signs of excavation

Spoleto, seen from the Rocca (Spoleto is actually pretty big)

Spoleto and the valley behind

art in the Rocca

courtyard of the Rocca

artifact in the Rocca museum

some arches and doors i liked, in the Rocca

how do you get to that staircase?

geometric tile fragment

a map of Spoleto and its territories: might be Roman era, i don't remember

a shield, photographed upside down for your convenience

art in the courtyard of the Rocca

Spoleto, from the window of the Rocca

art in the Rocca

Bill, in a hall in the Rocca

Lucas and Beth, in a hall in the Rocca

a large hall in the Rocca

partial fresco, in the Rocca

BDan in the Rocca

more art in the Rocca

more art in the Rocca

a door (i don't know what the door is talking about)

12th century lion head, in the Rocca museum

hillside view from the window of the Rocca

sculptures in the Rocca museum

the aqueduct seen from a window in the Rocca

a fragment of geometric art in the Rocca courtyard

art in the Rocca courtyard

a decorated archway ceiling

beginning of sunset over Spoleto

courtyard wall of the Rocca

One of an incredible series of outdoor escalators that took us from the Rocca. After four or five escalators, we started worrying about the laws of physics, but decided that in the worst case turning back would do us no good. Eventually, the escalators ended, leaving us in Spoleto

dusk/sunset view from the Rocca

Spoleto amphitheatre in the dark

hallway under the amphitheatre

headless tile figure in the amphitheatre museum

inscribed stone in the amphitheatre museum

map of various goings-on in (i believe) pre-Roman Umbria

dessert! but it's missing something...

...that's better

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