Chaos's Graph Paper Art

(Winecup Thumbnail) i keep trying to find a glass like this, so, until then, i draw them.
(Red and Black Winecup Thumbnail) another wine glass, this time with surreal colours.
(Anti-Sierpinski Triangle Thumbnail) a reverse sierpinski triangle (sort of). i like fractals
(Sierpinski Pyramid Thumbnail) this is a little hard to see, so look at it for a minute. it's a pyramid with sierpinski triangles on the top four faces.
(Square Fractal Thumbnail) i was taking a break from something else i was drawing, and decided to just knock off a quick fractal... doh.

i drew a lot of spheres my senior year, and these three are my favourites:

(Cube within a Sphere Thumbnail) sphere containing a cube
(Hash Sphere Thumbnail) ribboned sphere
(Ridged Hemisphere Thumbnail) hemisphere with ridges

full-page drawings are always fun, but most of them wind up somewhat confusing when viewed from outside of my brain. here are two that i think worked:

(Spherescape Thumbnail) lots of little spheres stacked
(Marbles Thumbnail) marbles in a maze
(Contoured Cube Thumbnail) cube with raised and lowered surfaces. coloured pens are fun!