Hi, i'm Chaos Golubitsky. Welcome to glassonion.org, my web page, which is dedicated to a bunch of stuff, most of which has been forgotten in the mists of time. Some dedication, eh?

Careerwise, i am a once and future system administrator. Currently, I am in grad school, getting an M.S. in computer security from CMU. If you might want to hire me in the future (see above), take a look at my resume, which is a pdf.

I graduated from Swarthmore College in June 2000, where i was a double major in math and CS. My math senior thesis was a research paper on linear error-correcting codes, also available in pdf format.

During my time at Swat while i wasn't writing math papers, i attended a lot of classes. I doodle in class. Some people like the stuff i draw, so i thought i'd put some of it online.

In my spare time, i talk about eggplants a lot. This is a picture of me, at my most purple. The picture is from my frosh year, which was awhile ago, but you get the basic idea.

If you need to reach me by e-mail, webmaster at this domain will get there.

The site redesign is courtesy of Erskin Cherry, who sold me on a picture of an onion, and then added CSS and made my site XHTML compliant while my back was turned. Many thanks.